Caring for your del Coursy Collection Jewellery

Please store your del Coursy Collection jewellery pieces separately to avoid scratching.

When dressing, put your del Coursy jewellery on last, after applying lotions, sprays, perfume and hairspray to avoid damage, as this could harm the metals and reduce the lifetime of the plating. It could also cause discolouration and loss of crystal lustre.

Please do not wear your del Coursy jewellery when bathing or showering and do not expose your jewellery to salt water as it will damage the pieces.

Avoid hard contact (eg. knocking items against a hard surface or dropping items) which could cause scratches, chips and other damage.

Specific Care Advice

del Coursy Collection jewellery that is is made of 9.25 sterling silver should be cleaned with a silver jewellery cleaning cloth, available from most jewellery stores. Please note that cleaning liquid is very harsh and abrasive and should be avoided.

Never use any cleaning liquid on hollow sterling silver pieces as the damage will be beyond repair.

All del Coursy Collection jewellery that is made of stainless steel should just be gently wiped with a soft, dry cloth. Stainless steel jewellery will automatically keep its lustre and shine.

Do not clean rose gold pieces with a silver polishing cloth or liquid cleaner as this will reduce the lifetime of the plating. Rose Gold does not need cleaning at all.

These del Coursy Collection pieces are plated, and in many instances, rhodium plated. They are to be wiped with a soft, dry cloth. No cleaning liquids or silver cleaning cloths should be applied to these pieces as they will suffer damage.

The pearls in the del Coursy Collection, whether glass pearls or freshwater pearls, should never be touched at all by any cleaning liquid or cleaning cloths. They do not need to be wiped at all and must be treated with care.